Policy and Guidance regulatory and policy to consider before been a kugjaymedia blogger

The States which sign that you agreed to this policy and guidelines before proceeding on posting on our website www.kugjaymedia.com

Declare as follows

• Each post should have a good tilte that makes your post engaging and not more than five to eight word (5-12)

• Select a appropriate category that suit your post and heading

• Give short details of your post

• Choose or select an image with the size of 200 x 150 pixel

• Construct a readable content not less than 80 words

Section 2

Policy :

  • • post with less engaging title will not be approve
  • • Post with similar post with other blogger will not be approve always make your post unique
  • • Post With Bad Image Won’t Be Consider And Approve
  • • Post Content Less Than 80 Word Will not Be Approve
  • • Post during for approval are with 5:00am to 10;00pm daily other post from 10:pm is invalid
  • • Post With wrog category will not be approve
  • • Less Engaging Post Title Will Not Be Approve
  • Try as much as possible to avoid plagiarism
  • If found guilty of the copy write infringement the user face penalty
  • If Post is gotten from other source, try to edit and remove all unnecessary write up before posting

Kugjaymedia will not be liable for any infringement or bridge of content ownership