‘Why I quit my job as an undertaker’ – Comedian Destalker

Nigerian comedian Oghenekowhoyan Onaibe Desmond, popularly known as Destalker, has opened up about why he quit his job as a pallbearer.

The comedian said he was enjoying the job and was hoping to open his own undertaker band but quit after an unfortunate incident.

In an interview with TVC, he recalled that he and his colleagues were dancing with a casket when it suddenly broke into pieces after they threw it up.

He said he was terrified by the incident and that made him give up on his job.

Destalker said, “When I joined the undertaker band initially, I wasn’t carrying caskets. I was only dancing because I know how to dance very well. I won best Makossa dancer in my street before.

“But after six or seven months, I started carrying caskets. I was really enjoying it but there was an incident that happened. Let me tell you why I stopped because by now I’m supposed to have my own undertaker band. We went to carry a female corpse from Asaba to Igbuzo. When we were about to enter the compound, the children of the deceased asked us to dance with the casket. As we were throwing it up, suddenly, it shattered. The coffin is fake.

“It wasn’t funny. That was how I lost interest in the undertaker job.”