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A masseur has been arrested for allegedly raping a 71-year-old woman in Portugal.

The 71-year-old British pensioner reported the case to police after allegedly being sexually attacked following a massage session in the Algarve town of Quarteira.

A spokesman for Portugal’s Policia Judiciaria police force, confirmed the arrest in the Algarve municipality of Loule, Quarteira.

He said, “Last Friday the Polícia Judiciaria arrested a 47-year-old man strongly suspected of raping a 71-year-old foreign national at a massage center in the municipality of Loule.

“The alleged victim reported the incident which the police found out had allegedly occurred after a massage session.

“As a result of the investigation, conducted by the PJ’s Southern Directorate, officers were able to gather some very relevant evidence.’

A source close to the ongoing investigation added, ‘We are waiting for the medical reports to build up a full picture of what happened.

“Police are also looking into the arrested man’s background to see if there have been prior cases involving this individual.

“In these kinds of cases, victims very often don’t go to police out of shame or trauma although for now the information police have been able to gather on the detainee don’t point to him having previous arrests or convictions in Portugal for any sex crimes.”

The unnamed man has already appeared in court and been bailed with the obligation to sign on every week and agree to a ban on contacting his alleged vic