Firm unveils app to track palliative distribution.

Nigerian fintech company Convexity Technologies Limited has launched an app called CHATS.
In Nigeria News todaythe Chief Operating Officer, Convexity, Adedeji Owonibi, disclosed this after a meeting with representatives of the French Embassy on Tuesday in Abuja.
He said CHATS supports end-to-end visibility of funds and aid distribution to donors, implementing bodies, and beneficiaries. The app aims to resolve the issue of palliative diversion by tracking aid delivery from donors or the government to NGOs, agents, and stipulated beneficiaries. The digital solution, involving blockchain technology, aims to digitise the process of funding teachers' salaries, food items, and other donations to address the decline in humanitarian funding. The app aims to bring transparency and solutions to the ecosystem, addressing local problems using local solutions. The company has also urged the government to consider using CHATS to regain public trust in social net programmes and bind citizens' trust. The app has been successful in preventing the diversion of drugs, as seen with the Red Cross, where beneficiaries could receive their drugs directly from the app.