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Israel renews Gaza bombardment, 700 Palestinians killed.

Hundreds of Palestinians were killed by Israeli forces in Gaza at the weekend as the Israeli army ordered more areas in and around the enclave's second-largest city, Khan Younis, to evacuate. The ceasefire, which took effect on November 24 and was followed by an exchange of hostages, was the sequel to weeks of war in the Gaza Strip after Hamas fighters broke through the militarised Gaza border with Israel on October 7. Before the ceasefire began, Israeli airstrikes and ground invasions had reportedly killed over 14,000 Palestinians, mostly women and children, and forced about 1.7 million Gazans to flee their homes. The Director-General of the Government Media Office in Gaza, Ismail Al-Thawabta, told Al Jazeera that more than 700 Palestinians had been killed within the last 24 hours, one of the highest daily death tolls since the war began. Israel has detained at least 60 Palestinians in overnight raids in the occupied West Bank, adding to over 3,000 Palestinians arrested in the West Bank since October 7. Palestinian Civil Defense officials warned that conditions across the Gaza Strip are "beyond dire," warning that rescuers lack the resources to reach all victims of Israeli bombardment.