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Joss Ackland, Distinguished British Star of Stage And Screen, Dies At 95

British actor Joss Ackland, known for his distinctive voice and commanding presence, passed away at 95.
Information got from Nigeria News Today stated that the family announced the death of the actor, who was said to have died on Sunday
He was known for his roles in films, television, stage plays, and musicals. Ackland's most famous character was a corrupt South African diplomat in "Lethal Weapon 2," whose diplomatic immunity fails to protect him from Mel Gibson and Danny Glover's LA cops. He also played a vengeful mafia don in "The Sicilian" and a buttoned-up aristocratic Englishman accused of murder in Kenya in "White Mischief." Ackland's rich voice bordered between grandfatherly reassurance and outright menace. He attributed his prolific output to his early struggles as a jobbing actor. He returned to the UK in 1957 determined to succeed, joining London's Old Vic theatre alongside actors like Maggie Smith, Judi Dench, and Tom Courtenay. Ackland had no interest in method acting and believed credibility was the key to winning over audiences. He retired in 2014 and spent time with his large grandchildren and great-grandchildren. In 2020, he sought to disseminate some of his nine decades of experience to a younger generation struggling with the fear and unknown of the coronavirus pandemic and lockdown.