LP crisis: Kenneth Okonkwo rejects Abure despite Peter Obi’s endorsement

Nollywood actor and politician Kenneth Okonkwo has distanced himself from the Julius Abure-led National Working Committee of the Labour Party, LP.
Okonkwo said he couldn’t continue with a corrupt and incompetent NWC led by Abure.
In a post on X on Tuesday, Okonkwo expressed strong condemnation of the national convention organised by Abure, labelling it as rife with criminality and corruption.
The post reads: “I am suspending my relationship in all ramifications with the purported Abure-led National Working Committee of the Labour Party.
“For me, it’s either a new Nigeria or nothing. I prefer to lose doing the right thing to winning doing the wrong thing.
“Nothing can wash out the criminality, corruption, and incompetence with which the purported National Convention was purportedly organised by Abure.
“I did not leave the comfort of a ruling party, APC, because I believe that they are incompetent and dishonest, only to come and join another incompetent and corrupt association, which is the current Abure-led National Working Committee of the Labour Party.”
This is coming amid the endorsement of the Abure-led NWC by the party’s presidential candidate, Peter Obi.