Man marries seven women same day to prevent jealousy

A Ugandan man named Hajj Habib Nsikonnene caused a stir in the Mukono district of the country last weekend when he married seven ladies at the same time.

The excited groom invited all his family members and friends to come and share in his joy and the occasion was filled with merry.
During the church wedding, he exchange his vows with all seven ladies and then went on to hold a wedding reception which was attended by lots of people.
Local reports have it that the brides were individually taken to nearby salons for styling at around eight in the morning, after which they were put in super-custom vans with plates showing their names.

Following the big event, it was reported that the groom and his new wives, Aisha, Aisha, Fatuma, Sharifah, Rashida, Mariam, and Zainab, arrived at their house at 6 p.m.
Nsikonnene, during his wedding speech, commended his women for their loyalty during (the oldest has been with him for seven years).

Speaking on how he had proposed, the groom revealed that he had done the introduction of each of the wife separately then married them all at once in order to avoid any chances of creating jealousy in his marital home.

“I introduced them separately and decided to wed them all at once to make one big happy family. I am still a young man and in the near future, God willing, I cannot say this is the end of it,” he said.
The groom’s father, Hajj Abdul Ssemakula, also explained that polygamy has been a longstanding tradition in their family.
“My grandfather had six wives who were separated by curtains in a single house. My own late father had 5 wives and I myself have four wives who live in one house.”