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Michael Cohen testifies against Trump in New York criminal case

Michael Cohen took the witness stand in the New York criminal case against former United States President Donald Trump on Monday.
Cohen, Trump’s former lawyer, said he spoke to him “every single day and multiple times a day” before the 2016 election.
Fox News reports that Cohen’s testimony is central to the case against Trump, as he is alleged to have been the go-between for the former President’s alleged hush money payments to pornography actress Stormy Daniels.
Prosecutors with Manhattan DA Alvin Bragg’s office argue Trump falsified his business records about the payments.
According to Fox News, Cohen appeared visibly nervous as he took the stand as prosecutors began asking him about his family history and other innocuous topics.
Cohen also recounted how he came to work for Trump, revealing that he ultimately had a salary of some $525k per year at the time of the 2016 election.
Prosecutors have been building toward Cohen’s testimony for weeks, also calling Daniels to the stand last week.