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Microsoft To Hire Sam Altman Days After Ouster as ChatGPT Parent Firm’s CEO

Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella announced the hiring of OpenAI's Sam Altman and other members of his team, following the firing of co-founder Sam Altman. Altman, who rose to fame with the launch of ChatGPT, will join Microsoft to lead a new advanced AI research team.
On Monday, Microsoft, in a blog sited by Nigeria News today announced his motive to take in Altman as research lead
OpenAI's board sacked Altman on Friday, prompting other high-profile departures and a reported push by major investors to bring him back. The board stood by its decision, saying it was "the only path to advance and defend the mission of OpenAI." The board also appointed Emmett Shear, a former chief executive of Amazon's Twitch streaming service, as the interim CEO. The Wall Street Journal reported that high-profile OpenAI investors, including Microsoft and Thrive Capital, were trying to restore Altman as CEO. Microsoft has invested over $10 billion in OpenAI and has rolled out its technology in its own products.