My Benz is 18 years, I live within my means – Speed Darlington mocks Portable

Controversial singer Speed Darlington has mocked his colleague, Portable following his arrest over car debt.

KUGJAY MEDIA reports that Portable was arrested by men of the Lagos State Police Command on Tuesday for refusing to pay the debt he incurred when he purchased G-Wagon from a car dealer in the state.

Reacting, Speed Darlington ridiculed the ‘Zazu’ crooner for posing as a superstar while struggling with debts.

The ‘Akpi’ explained that unlike Portable he lives within his means, emphasizing that his Benz is 18 years old.

Speaking in a video message shared via his Instagram account on Wednesday, Darlington said, “Una see Portable jump fence? Portable don cast o! Yoruba superstar no get money for Benz [laughs].

“Nobody is looking for me. Everything is cash and carry. I don’t hang my hand on a shoulder I can’t reach. Portable was flaunting his GLE but he didn’t have the money to pay for it.

“Guess who old my Benz is? 18 years. But I’ve peace of mind. I can’t jump fence.”