SENSE OR TRASH? I Would Rather Give My Husband a Kidney than My Father – Regina Daniels

Nigerian actress Regina Daniels has stated that in a hypothetical situation if she was left to choose who to give her kidney to between her father and her husband, she would save her husband.
Daniels was asked the make-believe question on the set of her new movie Switching Places, and without a second thought, she responded noting that she would choose to save her husband over her father for the sake of her children.

The actress stressed that she would rather go through the hurt of being without her own father than her children.

She said,

“They say a mother’s love can outweigh anything, if I have children with my husband I think it is only right to give my children a future with their father because I love my children. So I will starve myself the joy and privileges of having a father but I will not starve my children. So I can take the pain and let my father go but my children would never suffer that same fate. I will save my children’s father.”